H&R Block is one of the best sources for tax preparation and electronic filing.


TaxAct is one of the most reliable tax site offering the taxpayers affordable tax services.

TaxBrain is America's leading online tax service and e-file provider.

Tax Software Comparison Made Easy!

If you are looking for the easy, quick and affordable way to do your taxes, the best thing is to do it using tax software available. Many tax sites available these days offering cost-effective and easy-to-use tax software.

When you are not confident about your tax return and you do not want to take any risk, then better complete your tax return with a reliable and most affordable IRS authorized tax service.

Some of the best IRS authorized tax companies and e-file providers are H&R Block at Home, TaxAct & TaxBrain.

We help you compare tax sites by prices and features so that you can arrive at the right decision as to which site can better meet your tax requirements. Choose the one according to your tax situations and the cost which you can afford.

Key Features of Online Tax Software

Features of Basic Product:

  • Free federal e-file available
  • Pay for the product only when you file
  • Lets you add state tax return program
  • Consists of relevant tax forms (excluding self-employment & small business forms)
  • Takes care of life changes (i.e. getting married, having a baby, changing jobs, purchasing or selling a home or getting inheritance)
  • Lets you import data from past year’s tax return (TurboTax, H&R Block At Home can import data from each other’s programs as well as their own.)
  • Helps you import 1099 and W-2 forms from select payroll providers as well as financial institutions
  • Imports financial data from Quicken
  • Saves progress and allows the user to skip to different sections
  • Simplifies estimated tax payments and provide the user with payment scheduling options
  • Guarantees accurate & error-free calculations

Why Use Online Tax Software

Getting your tax return completed by an accountant can be a costly process. With online tax software, you can get help as well as support for filing your taxes at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to prepare tax return for you.

You will be guided through online tax forms that are often difficult to understand. If you use the same service provider every year, you'll be able to transfer in data from your previous year's return.

Check for Errors:
Filling out a tax form inaccurately can make you stressed or even a penalty from the IRS. Online tax software can help you avoid errors.

Maximize Deductions:
Tax software lets you claim industry-specific deductions in order that you get the biggest refund from your tax return.

E-file at Ease:
Online tax return calculation makes it easy for you to file your return online or file for an extension.